The Rose is a super flower!

The Rose is a super flower!

I have been really looking forward to writing about the Bulgarian company featured on our website. We are thrilled that they have joined the Korome community!
Alteya Organics is a family owned company that was founded in 1999, although growing and caring for roses has been a family tradition for over a century. Their organic rose fields are truly beautiful, shielded by the slopes of two mountain ranges in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley.
They employ fifty people on a full time basis and during harvesting provide employment to more than four hundred families. It’s amazing to see that Alteya absolutely love to share success with their local community.
For centuries, Bulgaria has been famous for producing the best quality rose oil in the world. Alteya strive to maintain their status as leading grower and distiller of pure organic rose oil.

How do they do this?

Alteya’s has a scientific team that started by researching ancient traditional recipes and the miracle effects of organic rose oil (rose otto) on the skin. After many years of extensive research they created their own unique steam-distillation method that marries 400 years of tradition with science.
They have done something truly inspirational in creating their own compound, owned by them exclusively. Named Bio-Damascena® Skin Reviving Complex, it is designed to improve the skin's resistance to environmental factors and slow down the ageing process. All of this using roses and Lavender grown on their family farm.
Excellent quality begins with excellent ingredients.
The rose bushes are very prolific plants. They keep blooming and producing rose buds for a few weeks which means picking every day. Picking roses is a very hard and labour intensive process, done solely by hand. Also, timing is essential to get the highest quality rose oil. The fields have to be harvested before the sun shines too brightly and evaporates the precious flowers’ oil.
After the workers have finished picking the roses for the day, the fresh blossoms are taken to the distillery where the distillation process immediately takes place. The rose blossoms are placed in a special distillation still. Then a stream of low pressure steam is discharged through the fresh blossoms to release the essential oil into vapour. The aromatic vapour is then condensed by cooling the coil. The third stage of the process is the oil separation, where the essential oil is easily separated from the water, because of the difference in density.
Alteya’s process is more expensive and difficult to perform compared to the most commonly used distillation methods, however it ensures the best quality, therapeutic grade rose oil.

Why do they do this?

Alteya know that what we put on our skin is important to our overall health. Rose oil and water have lots of known benefits and has been used to help the skin for hundreds of years.
Rose oil contains a lot of different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It has amazing emollient properties so is perfect for keeping the skin hydrated and soft. A little known fact is that it has antiseptic properties which is ideal to treat skin prone to acne, dermatitis and eczema. It is a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores.
It is also used to help redness and inflammation due to its anti inflammatory properties. The rose really is a wonder flower!
Of course, Alteya never use Parabens, Petrolatum, Paraffin, dyes, mineral oil, and any other chemical preservatives. ALL formulas are extensively researched and clinically tested for safety and efficacy.

Typically the brands featured on our site aren’t big corporations. They spend their money on research and development and sourcing the best ingredients as opposed to huge marketing campaigns. Honest, real companies with their own unique story. Alteya is a perfect example of this.

Thanks so much for reading - Katrina.

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