Not only are we changing the way we think about how our food is grown, many of us are also becoming more mindful about what we put on our skin.

We are starting to consider just how important the role of our skin actually is. That what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our body, both affect our wellbeing.

Our skin defends us from a multitude of harmful things each day: chemicals in skin care products we put on, environmental toxins and pollutants, harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and UV radiation. We need our skin to be in the best shape to ward off illness and keep us healthy.

Skin is a passageway that rids our body of toxins and helps prevent chemical and waste build-up. Our oil glands secrete oil that contains bacteria to fight off disease. Harsh chemicals that strip our bodies’ natural protective oils hinder our natural defence strategy.

The difference between neglected and pampered skin is huge. Once you experience the joy of supple, breathable skin, you’ll be hooked. Your whole body functions more smoothly when your skin doesn’t have to fight to perform its natural function.

The next time you slather on that chemical laden lotion or soak in a toxic tub, remember that your skin absorbs a large percentage of what you put on it, circulating through your body – everywhere.

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